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European Community Respiratory Health Survey

ECRHS I was carried out in response to the world-wide increase in asthma prevalence in the 1980s, which pointed to environmental factors being important in the development of the disease. It was the first study to assess the prevalence of asthma and allergic disease in young adults in many countries using a standardised protocol. The multi-centre study began in 1990, collecting data from mainly European countries. It was a two-stage study, with around 200,000 participants in the questionnaire stage 1, and 26,000 in the clinical stage 2. A follow-up study, ECRHS II, was carried out from 1998-2002. The study was funded by the European Commission, as well as by other sources, as part of their Quality of Life Programme. Over 200 papers have now been published, and more reports from ECRHS II are in preparation.

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