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Viadana Study


The Viadana Study

The Viadana study is a cross-sectional survey investigating the whole paediatric population of the health district of Viadana (Mantua, northern Italy), where several wood manufacturing industries are located. All the children (3-14 years) who were living in the district and who were enrolled in the district’s school registers (year 2006-07) were considered to be eligible for the study (n=4130). In December 2006, during school hours, the teachers of all the 50 (nursery, primary and secondary) schools in the district administered the children a standardized questionnaire for their parents to fill out, and it was subsequently collected within 20 days. The main aim of the study is to evaluate if there is an association between the exposure to industrial pollutants (mainly formaldehyde and wood dust) and several health outcomes, including respiratory and irritative symptoms, as well as socio-sanitary burden indicators.

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