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What is GEIRD?


GEIRD is a multidisciplinary project aimed at collecting information on biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress, individual and ecological exposures (outdoor and indoor air pollutants), diet, early-life factors, genetic traits and medication use, in large-scale series of accurately defined phenotypes of asthma, rhinitis and COPD.

GEIRD is a study based on a nested multi case-control design, where cases and controls are identified from the general population through a two-stage screening process (questionnaire + clinical stage), both in pre-existing cohorts and in a new probability sample.

GEIRD’s scientific aim is to elucidate and to quantify the role that modifiable and genetic factors play in the natural history of the inflammatory diseases of the airways, to better understand their pathogenesis, to better prevent their occurrence and to improve their treatment.

The instrument that will be used to achieve this aim is the creation of an open, freely accessible, multi-centre cases and controls database. Research teams that are involved in epidemiological studies on respiratory health with standardized protocols and methods, may (and will be invited to) contribute to increase the database of cases and controls, by collecting cases and/or controls, and will consequently be able to exploit the enlarged resulting study power to answer their own scientific questions.

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